Some Mobile Marketing Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

You need to start embracing the power of mobile advertising. Smartphone and tablet use are on the rise, and mobile is proving to be the best way to reach customers and get them to take action. Plus, since most consumers are using smartphone and tablets, they’re able to gain more information while on the go, perhaps while they are standing in front of your listing. Look at these statistics and see if Mobile Marketing is something you can ignore.

  1. Adults spend more time accessing media through a mobile device than they do with magazines and newspapers combined.
  2. The average response time to an email is 90 minutes. The average response time to a text message is 90 seconds.
  3. 1 out of every 6 smartphone users will scan a barcode to learn more information..61% of smartphone users use their smartphone to make local searches.
  4. By 2015, more people will access the Internet through a smartphone or tablet than a PC.
  5. In 2011, the use of mobile devices to read emails increased by 34% while the use of desktop PCs to read emails went down by 11%.
  6. In 2011, 7.8 trillion text messages were sent.
  7. 8.91% of smartphone owners have their phone within 3 feet at all times.
  8. The average person will wait 26 hours before reporting a lost wallet. The average person will wait 68 minutes before reporting a lost phone.
  9. 62% of smartphone owners will use a search engine at least once every day.
  10. 59% of consumers have been influenced by a mobile advertisement.